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Past 2 times we went my 2 year old sons ear was cut with clippers while he was sitting still, and then yesterday my 4 year old son with 3+ inches on top went in for a "clean up" and woman buzzed his hair to less than 1 finger length. She even has the audacity to mention wow that's a lot of hair coming off and when my husband said he told her at least one and a half finger length, but just clean it up she said well everyone's fingers are different. It was less than one of her finger lengths, and uneven at that. Awful!!! Ruined Xmas pics!

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My son and I went in for a cut. My cut was totally wrong. She was nice but cut my hair way too short in the front. My son was having his hair cut at the same time. The lady never asked what I thought after she was done plus a $10 tip was mandatory on the screen. Been there before and had a good experience but this one was way too expensive and ended with two bad haircuts.

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